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Pfaff Performance Icon sewing machine - a symbol of modernity and professionalism of the 21st century.

Pfaff Performance Icon sewing machine makes work provides indescribable fun. It perfectly combines innovations with proven design solutions, creating a perfect model. It offers users a 10-inch screen, the ability to connect to the network via wifi, a private MySewnet cloud and 120 animated, illustrated films for help. The ActiveStitch technology allows sewing even the most difficult threads, regardless of the type of material being processed. Access to 522 unique stitches makes the Pfaff Performance Icon sewing machine allows you to implement unique and personalized designs. The aura of modernity surrounding this reliable device is also influenced by the presence of an improved IDT system.

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Upgraded Original IDT ™ System

The latest integrated PFAFF® Double Transport System precisely feeds all types of fabrics from above and below, ensuring perfect sewing every time. It has its own power source for more control, and a built-in sensor will let you know when to activate or deactivate it!

Huge work surface

The new Pfaff Performance ICON features the industry's largest engineered sewing area with an increase of 69%, 12.2 ”(310mm) width and 5.51” (140mm) height. The height of the sewing head has been increased to 3 ”(76.2mm) which allows for better visibility at work and freedom for your hands.

Unprecedented lighting design

Innovative lighting technology ensures the most even illumination of the work surface. The LED lights are ideally positioned at selected, most advantageous points to eliminate any dark tiring eyes.

Fully automatic needle threader

Our most advanced needle threader on PFAFF® sewing machines is unmatched speed and comfort. You press a button ... and that's it! The new telescopic thread stand allows you to load large spools of your favorite thread.

Largest tablet-sized touchscreen

Large interactive touch screen (10.1 ”/257mm), full color with 180 degree viewing angle with the largest screen on the market, large like a smartphone or tablet. The graphical interface is specially designed according to the comments and needs of users.

Power, stability and precision.

The design of the sewing machine base reduces vibration, giving you the power and stability you need for the most precise results. The puncture power of the needle is almost twice as high as previous models and sewing heavy fabrics has never been so easy.

Comprehensive connectivity with WiFi and mySewnet ™ cloud

mySewnet ™ cloud storage and automatic software updates via Wi-Fi. When connected to the free PFAFF® CreatorCue ™ application, you get step-by-step sewing instructions and tutorials from the Help Center. You can watch them wherever you are. Each step is automatically synchronized between the app and your device via the mySewnet ™ cloud. Stitches can be loaded from the app to your device.

Innovative and exclusive stitch techniques

Learn about unique, advanced stitch techniques: floating stitches, radiant stitches, single, double and triple ribbon stitches, lace and stacking stitches for a sophisticated design.

We share our knowledge

The Shared Knowledge includes the Help Center and the User Guide. Our goal is to support people who are taking their first steps in the art of sewing. Our Help Center features over 50 animated or illustrated step-by-step interactive guides to help and support countless projects.

ActivStitch ™ Technology

A revolutionary new technology. Thanks to three patents, this revolutionary technology ensures precise, great results even when sewing with difficult or innovative threads such as metallic threads. Sensors measure the thickness of the fabric to regulate the amount of thread needed to achieve the perfect stitch and optimal tension. The results are perfect on both sides of the fabric.

Improved notch design

Thanks to the new design of the teeth with 8 segments, the movement of the material is perfect and the sewing is professional. Segments added to the front of the needle give increased sewing control.

Top and bobbin thread break sensors

Alerts you when the bobbin thread count is low or the thread is broken.

Automatic thread cutter

Automatically cuts the upper and bobbin threads and simultaneously dragging it to the reverse side of the fabric.

Floating Stitches

With this unique stitch technique you can create embellishments for your design with stitches that appear to float on top of the fabric without any joints between them, giving a unique effect to your handmade engraving designs.

Beautiful Radial Stitches

Sew easily with decorative stitches along the curved lines lines. The radiant stitches will be distributed evenly along any curve.

Lace Edge Stitches

Create delicate laces with threads that appear to be sewn by hand.

Triple, Double and Single Ribbon Stitches

Add spatial elements to your design with beautiful ribbon stitches. With this patented technique, narrow ribbons and trim are woven into these special stitches when sewing.

New Stitch Creator ™ feature

Create new 9mm stitches or edit the built-in stitches for unlimited creativity.

Two-Color Stitches Tape

Sew beautiful decorative stitches in two colors. Stitched stitches are made up of pairs of stitches that are designed to be sewn on top of each other.

Over 500 stitches

In addition to our specialized sewing techniques, you get a wide variety of stitches, including 9mm decorative stitches and maxi stitches up to 52mm wide. We also get 6 types of fonts to be sequenced and another 2 monogrammed embroidery, which will make it easier to personalize your designs.

Sensormatic Buttonhole

A buttonhole is made automatically with the help of a special Sensormatic foot. Both columns of the buttonhole are sewn in the same direction, which gives the perfect and repeatable quality of the buttonhole.

Increased speed

Maximum working speed up to 1050 stitches per minute.

Electronic Knee Lever

The ergonomic knee lever lifts the presser foot comfortably and easily, keeping your hands free.

Automatic presser foot lift.

Instantly raises the presser foot when the needle is brought to the stop position or at the end of the stitch after thread trimming.

5-year long warranty!

The machine is covered by a five-year warranty in the door-to-door system (door to door). This means that we pick up and deliver the machine directly to your place of residence free of charge

Standard equipment according to the instructions.

We invite you to purchase needles for sewing various fabrics, additional spools and machine feet. You can find everything in the category "Accessories"

The description of the above product is copyrighted. Their use requires the permission of the copyright owner. Downloading the contents of the above description without the consent of the company Wiking Poland Ltd. based in Krakow is an act of unfair competition in light of the Act of 16 April 1993. "against unfair competition".

Data sheet
Automatyczne obszywanie dziurki
tak-9 rodzajów dziurek w systemie Sensormatic
Automatyczny nawlekacz igły
tak- pierwszy zupełnie automatyczny
Automatyczne obcinanie nici
Duża przestrzeń robocza
tak-aż 310 mm po prawej stronie igły i 140 mm wysokości
Dźwignia kolanowa
Kolorowy Ekran Dotykowy
tak- aż 10,1 cala/257 mm, kąt widzenia 190 st.
Liczba programów ściegowych
Możliwość szycia podwójną igłą
Odbicie lustrzane w pionie
Odbicie lustrzane w poziomie
Przycisk start/stop
Rodzaj chwytacza
Specjalne sensorowa płytka tylko do ściegu prostego
Ściegi do taperowania
Dokładne Pozycjonowanie wzoru
Elektroniczna regulacja siły wkłucia igły
tak- uderzenie pulsacyjne aż 150 Nw
Połączenie WiFi z Internetem
Oświetlenie LED wysokiej jakości
Górny transport górny IDT
tak-z własnym źródełm zasilania
Unikalne ściegi "wstążkowe"
Ekskluzywny Kreator Ściegów
Automatyczne podnoszenie stopki
Zatrzymywanie igły w pozycji Góra/Dół
Czujnik zerwania nitki
Ściegi pływające
Restart ściegu
Ilość haftowanych czcionek
6 rodzajów +2 do monogramów
Chmura mySewnet
Wysięgnik teleskopowy
Centrum pomocy
tak-50 animowanych przwodników
Technologia ActiveStitch
Drugi silnik do nawijania szpulek
Ulepszona konstrukcja zabków
Ściegi promienne
Koronkowe sciegi brzegowe
Ściegi stosowe dwukolorowe
Zabezpieczenie przy szyciu ściegiem prostym
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