Are you looking for sources to finance the purchase of an embroidery machine or sewing machine?

Or maybe you have a plan to use an embroidery machine in your business, but you don't have the capital to buy it?

We have some tips for you on how to raise capital!


Under the government program "First Business - Start-up Support" you can apply for a low-interest loan to start your business as well as creating a workplace. Loans bear interest at 0.575% per annum. The loan amount can be as much as PLN 100,000, and the repayment period can be up to 7 years (84 installments), there is also a possibility of a grace period (suspension of loan repayment) for a year.

Business loan - who can use:

  • final year students of first and second cycle studies, uniform master's degree studies,
  • graduates of schools and universities seeking work, up to 4 years after graduation or obtaining a professional title,
  • registered unemployed persons until retirement age,
  • carers of disabled people - members families caring for a child with a disability certificate or a disabled person, who do not receive a nursing benefit or a care allowance.

A loan to create a job - who can use:

  • podmi people running a business,
  • private kindergartens and schools,
  • nurseries or children's clubs, entities providing rehabilitation services,
  • natural persons, legal persons or organizational units without legal personality, residing or established in the territory of the Republic of Poland, agricultural producers.

Please see the official website of the program: "First Business - Support in startup "(click) link to https: //www


The average amount of the subsidy depends on the region around PLN 15,000 - 20,000

Money for future entrepreneurs comes from the EU Human Capital Operational Program. Any natural person who wants to submit a company may apply for funding. However, the money will not be received by those who registered other activities in the year before applying for the grant.

Priority includes:

  • women returning to the labor market after a break related to giving birth and raising children,
  • rural residents.
  • people over 50,
  • people under 25,
  • long-term unemployed,
  • disabled,

A person wishing to obtain a subsidy to start their own business should apply to the appropriate institution in their region.

Go to the website and select your region:

https: //www.

Below is a contact list to the provincial governors employment offices:

3. Leasing

For entrepreneurs who have already run a business in Poland for at least 6 months, it is possible to purchase an embroidery machine in the form of a lease. We ensure a minimum of formalities and help in carrying out the entire procedure. We work with several leasing institutions (PKO SA, EFL), therefore we have the opportunity to present several offers and choose the optimal one. Sample conditions:

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4. Installment purchase

Private individuals or entrepreneurs who are just starting their business are encouraged to take advantage of the attractive installments for the purchase of sewing machines or embroiderers. Very often in the panel of our store you can find promotional programs "0% installments". Most often these are "10 RAT 0%" promotions at Santander Bank or even "20 RAT 0%" promotions at PayU. If we need to spread the payment of the purchase installments over a longer period, we can use the repayment offer up to 50 months.

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