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Pfaff 4.0 cowerlock - a modern machine that won't let you down

Pfaff 4.0 cowerlock strong> is controlled by means of a touch screen with a very high resolution, which improves the comfort of everyday use. Thanks to such innovation selecting individual functions or stitches is not the slightest problem. One of the key advantages of this device is automatic tensioning of all 5 threads. The Pfaff 4.0 overlock has 25 different stitches , and the advantages of the machine also include possibility to change selected parameters.

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Choice of 25 stitch programs including:

  • stitch three needle ladder with a width of 6 mm - perfect for hems of elastic fabrics, finishing all types of knitted fabrics.
  • stitch chain - for joining layers of fabric. We use it as a basting stitch
  • stitch 5-thread - a combination of two stitches to obtain a strong, durable seam.
  • stitch 4-thread - reinforced overlock stitch.
  • 3-thread stitch - wide and narrow overlock stitch, also used for decorative techniques
  • 2-thread roll - rolled edge or flat, narrow or wide
  • stitch rolled edge - 2 or 3 thread hems with roll edge.

Graphic LCD Touchscreen

Shows all the necessary information about the selected stitch. Information in Polish.

Exclusive "Sewing Guide"

Selects the most favorable stitch length, differential transport value and thread tension for the selected fabric and sewing technique.

Extended information system

More information on the use of each stitch.

Table in equipment

Extra increase in the field of work. The table has the dimensions of 420 x 365 mm. The work area is comfortable.

Easy transition from overlock to double needle stitches

There is no need to replace the presser foot or the needle plate.

LED lighting

The machine is equipped with LED lighting. Energy saving, lifetime warranty. One-color light similar to natural. It does not cast a shadow and does not tire your eyes!

Snap-on footer

Allows easy replacement of feet. Press the button, the foot falls onto the fabric. Then place a new one and lower the presser foot lever. The presser foot is automatically "clicked" and is ready for use.

Adjusting the stitch parameters

Adjust the stitch length, cut width and presser foot pressure. Choose the optimal settings for different fabrics and sewing techniques.

Adjustable presser foot pressure

Thanks to the smooth adjustment of the presser foot pressure, we can easily sew thin and thick fabrics.

Quick thread loading

Open thread guides are color-coded all the way through the threads. Threading is simple and quick. A DVD with a video guide on how to thread the thread is included.

Full needle force

Electronically controlled speed regulator guarantees constant and full force of the needle, regardless of the speed at which we sew.

Automatic "differential transport"

Eliminates stretching and wrinkling of the fabric. Thanks to it, we can sew various types of materials without creasing. It adjusts automatically to the selected stitch and sewing technique.

Fast sewing speed

Speed 1100 stitches/minute, selectable in two ranges. For more precise elements it is recommended to use a lower speed.

Memory write

We can save custom stitch settings for later use and quick recall.

Last stitch memory

The machine remembers the last stitch sewn, it is automatically recalled when it is turned on again.

Automatic tension, transport and length settings

Just select a stitch and sewing can start.

Releasing for thread tension

Easy threading and extraction with presser foot raised.

Large space under the presser foot

Very useful when sewing thick heavy fabrics (6.5 mm)

Security feature

The machine does not will start working with the front cover open

Built-in Roll Hem

Quick roll finish without changing the presser foot and needle plate

Universal standard foot

Can be used with all stitches

Movable upper knife

We have the option to turn it off a knife from work for special techniques

Convenient thread cutter

There is a thread cutter in the housing. We don't need to use scissors.

Built-in double-thread converter

Thanks to it, we can sew with 2-thread stitch.

Casing ruler

We have a convenient linear measure in centimeters on the machine housing.

EL industrial needles

Coverlock uses industrial needles for high speed sewing

Waste bin

Collects clippings.

Two-year warranty

All components and parts in the machine are covered by a 2-year warranty. We provide door-to-door service.

We invite you to buy needles for sewing various materials, additional spools and machine feet. You can find everything in the category "Accessories"

The description of the above product is copyrighted. Their use requires the permission of the copyright owner. Downloading the contents of the above description without the consent of the company Wiking Poland Ltd. based in Krakow is an act of unfair competition in light of the Act of 16 April 1993. "against unfair competition".

Data sheet
Ilość nitek
Pamięć ostatniego ściegu
Duże pole pracy
Stolik w wyposażeniu
Ilość ściegów
Ściegi drabinkowe
tak ( rozstaw 3mm i 6 mm)
Ścieg łańcuszkowy
Ścieg overlokowy 5 nitkowy
Ścieg overlokowy 4 nitkowy
Ścieg overlokowy 3 nitkowy
Ścieg overlokowy 2 nitkowy
Wbudowany ścieg rolujący
Automatyczne ustawienie naprężenia, transportu i długości
Regulacja parametrów
Źródło oświetlenia
2 diody LED
Zwalnianie naprężenia nitek
Transport róznicowy
Wysoka prędkość pracy
1100 wkłuć/min
Otwarte prowadniki nitek oznaczone kolorami
Duża przetrzeń pod stopką
Pełna siła wkłucia igły
Uniwersalna stopka standardowa
Stopki zakładane na zatrzask
Ruchomy nóż górny
Konwerter ściegu 2-nitkowego
Pojemnik na ścinki
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