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Bernette B77 sewing machine


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Bernette B77 Sewing Machine

The excellent Bernette B77 sewing and embroidery machine offers everything you need creative people. It has a 5 inch color touch screen on which we perform all operations. Bernette B77 has an additional upper BDF transport and a comfortable knee lever. It works at 1000 kn / min, and has a space on the right side of the needle 230 mm! The machine is equipped with a powerful 100W motor, so it can easily sew difficult materials. Bernette machines have a menu in Polish!


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Choose from 500 programs stitch

The machine has 500 stitches. The set includes utility, decorative, quilting and darning stitches. Select a specific stitch by touch on the screen.

Solid, durable construction

Machine components and frame are made of steel. Swiss top quality!

Additional BDF System Upper Transport

The integrated Dual Feed technology from Bernina® precisely moves all types of fabrics from top and bottom to ensure perfect sewing every time. The Bernette B77 ™ machine and embroidery machine has the latest generation of this system.

Automatic footprint compensation

Thanks to a patent, this technology ensures precise, wonderful sewing. Sensors measure the thickness of the fabric to adjust the amount of thread needed to achieve the perfect balance of tension between the needle and the bobbin fitted. The results are perfect on both sides of the fabric.

Convenient Joystick to control

The machine has one knob to control all functions. This is the Joystick version. Great comfort

Speed regulator programming function

Bernette B77 sewing and embroidery machine has a programmable foot controller with reverse function.

Large color 5 inch touch screen

The Bernette B77 machine and embroidery machine has a large 5 inch touch screen, HD resolution and 180 viewing angles degrees where we choose functions, stitches and settings.

Professional 4 LED lighting

The machine is equipped with LED lighting with 4 LED lamps. Energy saving, lifetime warranty. One-color light similar to natural. It does not cast a shadow and does not tire your eyes!

Electronic Knee Lever

Raise the presser foot with the lever knee. You touch your knee and the machine stops sewing, raises the presser foot and cuts the threads! All in one go.

Three programmable fonts

Machine and the Bernette B77 Icon embroidery machine has 3 programmable fonts for sewing (up to 7 for embroidery!). Sign your projects!

Large 230mm workspace!

The Bernette B77 machine and embroidery machine has a large 230 mm work area on the right side of the needle so you have plenty of space for a comfortable work and a great view of your sewing project.

Automatic thread trimming

The sewing machine has an automatic thread cutting function. Just press a button and the threads will be cut automatically. Great work comfort!

Automatic needle threader

The sewing machine has an automatic needle threader needles easy to use, soft and comfortable. Very needed, after all, you don't have to reach for glasses!

Adjustable foot pressure

Thanks to the smooth adjustment of the foot pressure it is easy to we will sew thin and thick fabrics.

High Sewing Speed

Sewing speed, up to 1000 stitches per minute .

Extra adjustment of sewing speed

Additional adjustment of sewing speed with "+ and -" buttons on the screen. Five ranges fine control of sewing speed of the machine.

Sensor for upper thread break and bobbin missing

Bernette B77 Sewing Machine and Embroidery Machine has a sensor for breaking up the upper thread and the bobbin is missing the bobbin.

We share knowledge

The Help Center contains a lot of interactive visual tips that help you choose the best sewing or stitching technique step by step.

4 memory levels

The machine has memory levels where you can save your stitch and embroidery compositions.

Needle positioning

Needle positioning is a useful feature that allows for accurate sewing in difficult places. Especially useful when sewing in zippers or binding with tape. We have 15 needle positions.

START/STOP function

Function that allows the machine to run without using the speed regulator . Use the Start/Stop buttons to start sewing the limbs.

Positioning the needle in the UP/DOWN position

Select needle stop position up/down button. A very convenient function that allows you to continue sewing after reaching a corner, for example. We stop the needle inserted into the fabric. We turn the fabric and continue sewing in the other direction.

Automatic buttonholes

The Bernette B77 machine and embroidery machine makes 17 types of buttonholes automatically to the size of the button.

FIX function

The FIX function automatically binds thread at the end of the stitch to prevent unraveling. You only need to turn it on with the button. The activated function remembers to tie the threads.

Double needle sewing

We can use a double needle with different spacings of 2.5 - 6.0 mm for sewing. This way we will obtain a straight two needle stitch. The machine also has protection against insertion of a wrong twin needle.

STOP function

We can stop the machine at any time.

Stitch length and width adjustment

Smooth adjustment of stitch length and width. The maximum stitch width is 7mm.

Mirror the pattern

Amazing possibilities to create new patterns using the mirror image function. We can use reflection in two planes, i.e. horizontal and vertical. Then unusual compositions are created.

Modern rotary looper - accuracy and comfort

Thanks to the use of a very modern rotary looper, the accuracy and precision of the stitches performed is exceptional. The machine works quietly and softly. Incredibly high work culture!

Automatic STOP when the bobbin is full

The machine stops automatically after filling the bobbin.

Snap-on feet

Allows for easy footer replacement. Press the button, the foot falls onto the fabric. Then place a new one and lower the presser foot lever. The presser foot is automatically "clicked" and ready to use.

Full needle force

The electronically controlled speed controller guarantees a constant and full needle puncture force regardless of the speed at which we sew.

Large space under the foot

Large space under the presser foot, allows you to sew thicker fabrics . We have no problem with sewing multiple layers. It is very convenient. It's also easier to sew leather or denim.

Accessory Holder

Sewing machine and embroidery machine The Bernette B77 machine and embroidery machine has a comfortable, container for accessories.

Free arm

It makes sewing round elements much more convenient.

Extending table included in the set

It makes sewing very comfortable.

7-YEAR "door-to-door" warranty and Free Annual Warranty Inspection!

All components and parts in the machine are covered by a 7-year warranty. We provide service in the system door-to-door.

Standard Equipment:

- Standard (universal) footer - DA

- Foot for satin, decorative and appliqué stitches - JK

- Zipper foot (for use with Dual Feed) - JB

- Automatic buttonhole foot - RJ

- Blind stitch foot - DM

- Footer for sewing buttons - RC

- Footer owe rlock (suitable for use with Dual Feed) - DI

- Freehand foot for embroidery, darning, quilting - RX

- Spools (3 pcs)

- Spool felt

-Spool lock (medium)

- Power cord

- Spool net

- Second additional spool pin

- Bobbin lock (small)

- Screwdriver

- Needle set

-Touch screen pointer

- Pouch/case

- Programmable foot controller

- Cleaning brush and buttonhole cutter

- Edge guide

- Bobbin lock (large)

- Olive oil

-Table to enlarge the working area

- Knee lifter

- Stitch sewing needle plate simple, for embroidery.

We invite you to buy needles for sewing various materials, additional spools and machine feet. You can find everything in the "Accessories"

The description of the above product is copyrighted. Their use requires the permission of the copyright owner. Downloading the contents of the above description without the consent of the company Wiking Poland Ltd. based in Krakow is an act of unfair competition in light of the Act of 16 April 1993. "against unfair competition".

Data sheet
Automatyczne obszywanie dziurki
tak-16 rodzajów dziurek+3 oczka
Automatyczny nawlekacz igły
tak-pierwszy zupełnie automatyczny
Automatyczne obcinanie nici
Automatyczne wiązanie ściegów
Ciągłe szycie wstecz
2 opcje
Dodatkowa regulacja prędkości szycia
elektroniczna-5 zakresów
Duża przestrzeń robocza
aż 310 mm po prawej stronie igły+wysokość 140 mm
Duża płytka ściegowa
tak- z liniami prowadzącymi do 65 mm po obydwu stronach igły
Dźwignia kolanowa
Elektroniczny rozrusznik
Funkcja docisku stopki
Kolorowy Ekran Dotykowy
duży ekran 10,1 cala (217x136 mm)
Liczba programów ściegowych
Liczba poziomów pamięci
100 MB w chmurze MySewnet
Liczba pozycji igły
Metalowe podzespoły
Możliwość opuszczenia ząbków
Możliwość szycia podwójną igłą
Noże w obudowie
Przycisk start/stop
tak-szycie bez regulatora obrotów
Programowalne fonty
Regulacja długości ściegów
Regulacja szerokości ściegu
Rodzaj chwytacza
rotacyjny-profesjonalny Proof Rotary
Ściegi do pikowania
Ściegi ozdobne
Ściegi do podszywania krytego
Ściegi owerlokowe
Ściegi do materiałów elastycznych
Wolne ramię
Elektroniczna regulacja siły wkłucia igły
tak-pulsujaca siła wkłucia igły 150 NWT
Szycie ze swobodnym przesuwem materiału
tak-2 tryby
Oświetlenie LED wysokiej jakości
tak-regulowana jasność
Górny transport górny IDT
tak- nowej generacji z własnym zasilaniem
Wbudowany rysik do ekranu
Nie jest potrzebny
Zatrzymywanie igły w pozycji Góra/Dół
Czujnik braki nitki w szpulce
Czujnik zerwania nitki
Maksymalna predkość pracy
1050 wkłuć/min
Pokrętło wielofunkcyjne JOYSTICK
Menu w języku polskim!
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