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Embroidery machine Brother F440E Brother Embroidery machines Wiking Polska - 1
Embroidery machine Brother F440E Brother Embroidery machines Wiking Polska - 2
Embroidery machine Brother F440E Brother Embroidery machines Wiking Polska - 3
Embroidery machine Brother F440E Brother Embroidery machines Wiking Polska - 4

Embroidery machine Brother F440E


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Brother F440E embroidery machine - perfect for home

Brother F440E is an embroidery machine with an extremely versatile 13 × 18 cm embroidery field which thanks to We can enlarge the appropriate hoop to 13 × 30 cm. Thanks to the menu in Polish, working with the embroidery machine is simple and pleasant even for a beginner. The embroidery machine has an extensive library of embroidery fonts, there are as many as 11 . The Brother F440E is perfect for both personal and artistic projects thanks to its frame design capability. The embroidery machine has been equipped with a number of useful functions such as: thread break sensor, hoop size sensor, and a stitch counter. Each pattern will be legible and easy to edit thanks to the 3.7 inch color display. strong> The Brother F440E is a handy and reliable embroidery machine with many accessories. Machine and program instructions are in Polish. The Brother F440E embroidery machine has a three-year warranty . Free! a set of wonderful themed embroideries to be chosen by the buyer!

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Embroidery machine Brother F440E

Embroidery machine Brother F440E

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Hoop 180 X 130 mm

The embroidery area is 180 x 130 mm and 300 x 130 mm for combined embroidery.

3.7 inch touch panel - Menu in Polish

Select embroideries on the screen and set their parameters.

138 embroideries in the set

The set includes 138 different embroidery themes. Unlock your creativity!

A wide selection of pre-made frames

Comes with ready frames and the ability to create new frames.

11 kinds of alphabets available

The machine comes with 11 alphabets. We can embroider letters, words and whole sentences. We personalize our works, sign children's things. We write letters to memory creating strings.

Editing embroidery

The embroidery machine has an embroidery editing function. We can change the size, position, rotate or mirror. The machine also has a stitch counter.

Advanced automatic needle threader

The sewing machine has an advanced automatic needle threader that is easy to use and has a soft, comfortable operation. Very needed, after all, you don't have to reach for your glasses!

Automatic thread cutting

The machine has automatic thread trimming, just press the scissors button.

Built-in memory reader

The machine has a built-in memory card reader Brother.

Hoop size detection sensor

Sensor detects the size hoop, we don't have to select it!

Cooperation with the plotter

The Brother F440E embroidery machine works with the ScanNCut plotter.

High-speed embroidery

Sewing speed is 650 stitches/minute!

Sturdy, durable construction

Machine components and frame are made of steel. High, quality!

USB port

The machine has USB port , which allows you to connect a USB key with updates or projects.

Professional LED lighting

The embroidery machine is equipped with the highest quality LED lighting. Energy saving, lifetime guarantee. One-color light similar to natural. It does not cast a shadow and does not tire your eyes!

Mirror the pattern

Amazing possibilities of creating new patterns using the mirror image function. We can use reflection in two planes, i.e. horizontal and vertical. Then unusual compositions are created.

Ability to scale embroidery

Use buttons With function functions we can change the size of the embroidery. The change can be between -20% and 20% of the original size.

Embroidery Positioning

The Brother F440E has a hoop positioning function. We will set the beginning of the embroidery where we want.

Modern rotary looper - accuracy and comfort

Thanks to the use of a very modern rotary looper , the accuracy and precision of the stitches performed is exceptional. The machine works quietly and softly. Incredibly high work culture!

Hoop in the equipment

W set of hoops with dimensions: 180x130mm.

Upper thread break sensor

The Brother F440E embroidery machine has a break sensor upper. The machine will stop if the thread breaks.

START/STOP function

Function that allows the machine to work without using the speed controller . Use the Start/Stop buttons to start sewing and the limbs.

Positioning the needle UP/DOWN

needle stop position up/down selection button. A very convenient function that allows you to continue sewing after reaching a corner, for example. We stop the needle inserted into the fabric. We turn the fabric and continue sewing in the other direction.

Automatic thread tension

The machine has automatic thread tension.

Convenient snap-on feet

Allows easy footer replacement . Press the button, the foot falls onto the fabric. Then place a new foot and lower the lever. Click and the foot is ready to sew.

Convenient thread cutter

The housing has a convenient thread cutter. We don't need to use scissors.

Three-year warranty

All components and parts in the machine are covered by a 3-year warranty. We provide a door-to-door service (from door to door).

Standard equipment of the machine:

- embroidery foot

-4 bobbins

- cleaning brush

- set of needles

- bottom thread white 1000m

- cutter

- spool securing tabs (small, medium, large)

-spool net

-screwdriver (small, large, disk)


-medium tag 180x130mm

- cover

- bag for accessories

- manual in Polish

* The manufacturer reserves the right to change the equipment without prior notice.

We invite you to buy sewing needles of various materials, additional spools and one hundred pek to the machine. You can find everything in the category "Accessories"

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Data sheet

Automatic thread trimming
Automatic tensioning of the top thread
Metal components
Cased knives
Horizontal mirroring
Gripper type
LCD display
dotykowy z rysikiem
Pattern rotation
Pattern Re-start Option
File transfer via USB key
Needle insertion reversal function after thread breakage
Stopping the needle in the Up/Down position
Number of embroideries
USB ports
tak-1 port
Embroidery field
180x130 mm
Tambourines included
180x130 mm
Maximum operating speed
do 650 wkłuć/min przy szyciu oraz do 900 wkłuć/min przy haftowaniu

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