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5 thread coverlocks

The highest quality overlocks

Discover advanced 5-thread overlock machines that offer durable, flexible and aesthetic sewing on a variety of materials. Perfect for hemming edges, joining fabrics and creating durable seams. They ensure precision and comfort of use. The perfect tool for the tailoring industry, tailoring workshops and sewing enthusiasts.

5-thread overlock machines , also known as Cowerlocks, are machines that guarantee the highest quality, but also intuitive operation. Appreciating their strengths is not the slightest problem, because it is easy to see them at first glance. The devices we offer are characterized by an attractive design, and the care of workmanship can be seen even on the example of the smallest elements. The 5-thread industrial overlock offers many different stitches for joining, processing, hemming and cutting fabrics of any weight. We can also sew on them with a double chain stitch, so we have two machines in one! Differential transport effectively eliminates the problem of stretching or wrinkling of the material. Automatic thread tensioning is another advantage of our devices. The 5-thread coverlock is equipment that you will never be disappointed with.