1. The purpose of the "7-Year Warranty for You" Promotion is the sale of sewing machines with a premium extended warranty.

2. The Organizer of the Promotion is Wiking Polska Sp. z o. o. with its registered office in Kraków, ul. Wieniawskiego 62, registered in the District Court for Kraków Śródmieście, 11th Commercial Division of the National Court Register under KRS number 0000317742 as the Guarantor, hereinafter referred to as the Organiser.

3. The promotion will be conducted throughout the country in the period from August 1, 2022 to December 31, 2023 and will be addressed to consumers, customers - final buyers of Bernina and Bernetta sewing machines.

4. The promotion is intended for people who are of legal age at the time of taking part in it and have purchased Bernina and Bernetta products in selected online stores as well as in selected brick-and-mortar stores participating in the promotion (contact the Organizer to see the list of participating stores participating in the promotion).

5. The conditions for obtaining an additional 60-month warranty is the purchase of a machine during the Promotion period, i.e. (01.08.2022-31.12.2023) filling out and sending the on-line warranty extension coupon (which can be found at www.maszynydoszycia.pl ) or sending correctly completed coupon by registered mail within 14 days from the date of purchase of the machine, together with a copy of the proof of purchase to the following address: Wiking Polska Sp. z o.o. ul. Wieniawskiego 62, Krakow 31-436. If a completed coupon is sent along with a copy of the proof of purchase by registered mail, the Organizer does not inform the customer about receiving the coupon. In such a case, the proof of sending the parcel is a confirmation of registration and compliance with the terms of the promotion.

6. This does not apply to customers who bought the machine directly from the Organizer . If the machine is purchased from the Organizer, the buyer receives a "7-year warranty for you" certificate on the day of ordering the machine. The condition for receiving such a certificate and taking part in the "7-Year Warranty for You" Promotion is acceptance of the Warranty Terms and Conditions recorded in the Warranty Card and acceptance of the above-mentioned regulations of the 7-Year Warranty for You by signing the warranty card. In the absence of such a signature, the warranty card is invalid and the "7-year warranty for you" promotion does not apply to the client, consumer, buyer and the Guarantor.

7. Sending a correctly completed warranty extension coupon to 7 years is tantamount to acceptance of the warranty conditions included in the 2-year standard warranty card, and acceptance of the above-mentioned promotion regulations "7-year warranty for you", and consent to the processing of personal data in order to verify the entitlement to the 7-year warranty by Wiking Polska Sp. o. o., 31-436 Kraków ul. Wieniawskiego 62 (in accordance with the Act of August 29, 1997 No. 133, item 883 and the applicable provisions of the Act of May 10, 2018 on the protection of personal data (Journal of Laws of 2018, item 1000), in accordance with the Regulation of the Parliament of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (OJ.UE.L No. 119, p. 1) (hereinafter also: "GDPR") and other currently applicable, i.e. throughout the period of processing specific data, provisions of the law on the protection of personal data) and acceptance of receiving the Organizer's store offer. Consent is voluntary. You have the right to inspect your data and correct or delete them from the Organizer's database.

8. The "7-year Guarantee for You" regulations are available at www.maszynydoszycia.pl .

9. During the "7-Year Warranty for You" promotion period, the warranty conditions contained in the product's warranty card apply. The guarantor will provide an additional 60-month warranty (counting from the date of completion of the first 24 months from the date of purchase of the product) for machine parts and components, provided that the provisions in the warranty card (warranty terms) are met and observed and the conditions and provisions of the above regulations are met.

10. For customers and consumers participating in the "7 Years of Guarantee for You" Promotion during the period of the basic 24-month guarantee and the additional 60-month guarantee, the Guarantor undertakes to perform free inspections of machines and embroidery machines.

11. Free inspections referred to in the warranty card, point 12 in the Warranty Terms and Conditions, after 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 years of use of the machine are available only to those customers, consumers who have joined the "7-year warranty for You". Inspections of the machine that are covered by the "7-year warranty for you" promotion must be performed periodically throughout the period, systematically and precisely at intervals by the Guarantor. The first technical inspection will be performed within 12-13 months from the purchase date, the second technical inspection will be performed within 24-25 months from the purchase date, the third technical inspection will be performed within 36-37 months from the purchase date, the fourth technical inspection will be performed 48-49 months from the date of purchase, the fifth technical inspection will be performed within 60-61 months and the sixth technical inspection at the Guarantor's expense will be performed within 72-73 months from the date of purchase. The Guarantor undertakes a full technical inspection, including full cleaning and maintenance of the machine and its components. Perform full lubrication of shafts, gears, cleaning and lubrication of internal parts of the machine. In the event of finding a defect in the parts covered by the warranty conditions specified in the Warranty Card and in the "7-year warranty for you" regulations, the Guarantor undertakes to replace these parts and subassemblies free of charge during such an inspection.

12. In order to perform the free inspections referred to in point 12 in the Warranty Card, the Buyer undertakes to deliver and collect the machine at its own expense to and from the Guarantor or to order the Guarantor to deliver and collect the machine to and from the Guarantor at the buyer's expense, in order to /in liabilities. The inspection dates are specified in detail above in point 11. If the machine is not delivered on time to the Guarantor within the specified time period or if any of the inspections are omitted during the "7-year warranty for you" promotion, the Guarantor will not be able to perform a free inspection and at the same time the under the guarantee and as part of the "7-year Guarantee for You" promotion will be cancelled. Thus, the Guarantor will be released from his obligation, which results from the provisions of the Guarantee Terms and Conditions and from the "7-year Guarantee for You" promotion.

13. The basic warranty and the additional warranty resulting from the "7-year Warranty for You" promotion does not apply to and does not cover the following damages, activities: - incorrect installation of all threads, replacement of fuses, stitch plates, bobbins, replacement of bobbins in the machine according to the manufacturer's instructions in the user manual. All adjustments, including adjustment and setting of the hook(s), setting and sharpening of knives, stitch parameters, tension of the upper and lower thread, regular maintenance of the machine by sprinkling oil according to instructions in the user manual. - all activities related to the maintenance and cleaning of the machine according to the manufacturer's instructions written in the instruction manual; cleaning the hooks, material transporter, thread tensioners, which the user of the machine is obliged to do in accordance with the provisions of the user manual, removing material or thread remnants from the machine and its components that remain while sewing and using the machine. -parts of machines with a certain life, naturally wearing out during the operation of the equipment, i.e.: needles, belts, hooks, cutting knives, stitch plates, feeder teeth, feet, fuses, all machine motors, including stepper motors and other component drives, starter for machines, - replacement of mechanically damaged parts, naturally wearing parts and all mechanical damage to the machine, subassemblies and parts, including but not limited to: hooks, cutting knives (sharpening), stitch plates, needle bar, bobbin case, tensioners, needles, feet, bobbin pins speed regulator and subassemblies or parts damaged by thermal, chemical and all other damage caused by the action or negligence of the user or the action of external force (voltage changes, atmospheric discharges, etc.). In the case of electronic machines, it is mandatory to use voltage stabilizers. - damage resulting from the use of non-original accessories and parts, poor quality needles and incorrect thread thickness and quality, alterations, construction changes and repairs made by the Buyer or third parties not authorized to perform repairs.

14. The Manufacturer, Guarantor and Seller do not recognize the reasons referred to in point 13 as machine defects and: - thread breakage, thread looping or loud work because it may be the result of incorrect operation of the machine or a subjective feeling, poor quality, width stitch, unsatisfactory or incorrect operation of the machine, which may be caused by incorrect setting of the machine's parameters or lack of familiarity with the operation or lack of familiarization with the operating instructions and wrong or incorrect setting of the upper and lower thread tension, incorrect operation of the hook and the machine caused by incorrect setting and adjustment of the machine to which the customer who uses the machine is obliged. - incorrect display of the embroidery, pattern and type of stitches or other parameters on the machine's electronic screen or display, which may be caused by a voltage drop, damaged fuse, other external cases. - damage resulting from improper or inconsistent with the instruction manual of the equipment or other reasons attributable to the user .

15. During the additional 60 months of warranty extension, the equipment covered by the Promotion is not subject to exchange and additional warranty.

16. During the basic warranty period and during the "7-Year Warranty for You" Promotion, in the event of a defect in the equipment, the defect should be reported via the website www.maszynydoszycia.pl , then via the CONTACT / SERVICE tab and the following documents should be presented to the Guarantor upon shipment: - proof of equipment purchase (photocopy or scan) and the original warranty card (completed) and signed by the buyer, customer, consumer or user of the machine.

17. An incorrectly or incompletely completed Warranty Card is invalid and does not entitle to participate in the "7 Years Warranty for You" Promotion. Illegible photocopies of the proof of purchase are invalid.

18. The Regulations of the Promotion are available for inspection by the Participants at the Organizer's registered office and also on its website www.maszynydoszycia.pl

19. In the event of failure to comply with the terms of the warranty and the provisions entitling to the "7-year Warranty for You" promotion, the buyer, consumer or current owner or user of the machine loses the right to the warranty and to participate in the "7-year Warranty for You" promotion.