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Industrial overlocks

Efficient industrial overlocks for professional sewing

The industrial overlocks available in the offer are characterized by resistance to increased exploitation, thanks to which they are perfect for various types of tailoring workshops. The speed they offer is sometimes up to nine times faster than models for hobby use. Machines for sewing fabrics, joining them or decorating edges are distinguished by the number of threads used. Industrial overlocks have five, four or three of them. Individual combinations have their use, so the more of them, the greater the versatility of the device.

Individual industrial overlocks have been enriched with a wide range of functions and capabilities that significantly affect their efficiency and usefulness. Models with convenient LED screens are available, which significantly improve the comfort and pace of work. Lighting also plays a special role, and energy-saving modules contribute to lower electricity consumption. Our store's offer includes machines that meet both the expectations of sewing room owners and other demanding customers. We cordially invite you to familiarize yourself with the detailed descriptions of individual machines.