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Versatile overlocks for perfect finishing of garments

Discover a wide selection of overlock machines that provide precise and durable sewing on various types of materials. Perfect for the tailoring industry and home projects. Perfect hems, hems and fabric joins. User-friendly and reliable tools that will improve the quality of your products.

The overlock is an excellent complement to the sewing machine . Extremely quickly aligns and cuts the edge of the fabric, hems and protects against unraveling or connects two elements. At the same time, it is characterized by universality, thanks to which it can cope with any type of material. The assortment of our store includes only overlocks produced by renowned companies such as Bernina, Redstar, Griztner or Juki. The most popular overlock machines are 3-, 4- and 5-thread machines. The 5-thread coverlock also has a two-needle chain stitch, otherwise known as a render. When looking at the offer, it is worth remembering that overlocks are devices designed to serve for many years, so the decision should be well thought out.