Warranty repair equipment application form

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Please read the instructions for reporting the equipment and bring it to the service point for repair or periodic inspection.

1. We kindly inform you that each sewing machine, overlock machine and, in particular, an embroidery machine delivered by you directly to the service point or handed over to the point of sale or delivered to the courier to the Central Service in Krakow (in the "door to door" system) in order to perform the repair service warranty, post-warranty or periodic inspection must have a full, original manufacturer's packaging (cardboard, and above all, internal styrofoam and cardboard linings).

2. The delivered equipment should only have a foot control without additional accessories (spools, presser feet, tweezers , thread cutters and other specialized accessories, etc.) because the service is not responsible for the loss of additional equipment or its damage.

3. The outer packaging should be marked in a manner appropriate for goods that require special care during transport, i.e. with the markings "DO NOT THROW - FRAGILE" (the sticker with this content should be collected from the courier collecting the equipment). If the equipment is sent without the above-mentioned marking, the service (recipient) is not responsible for its damage.

The service is not responsible for the loss of the shipment or its damage in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Code and the Transport Act.

4. If the full original manufacturer's packaging is not used, and in particular the internal styrofoam linings, the recipient of the shipment or the service is not responsible for equipment damaged during transport.

The equipment handed over to the recipient-service in order to perform the service referred to in point 1 must be accompanied by the original warranty card (completed legibly, signed by the customer, with the number and type of machine, date of purchase, stamped by the point of sale of the product) along with a copy of the proof of purchase.

In the absence of these documents, the machine will not be accepted at the service point or all services will be provided for a fee after obtaining the sender's consent, and in the absence of consent for a paid repair, the machine will be sent back to the sender's address.

The recipient or the service that accepts the shipment (damaged, deficiencies, lack of inner packaging, damaged outer packaging) is obliged to inform the equipment owner within 48 hours about the technical condition of the equipment, its appearance and qualification of repair or not, of the delivered equipment.

Please, fill in the form legibly and send it online or by post (in this case, you should put a legible signature on the form under the content of the application).

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