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Industrial machinery

Industrial sewing machines

A sewing room is a place where industrial sew ing machines are subjected to extremely intensive use. We perfectly understand that the efficiency of a particular manufactory depends on the quality of the equipment, which is why the devices offered by our store are reliable, exceptionally efficient and solidly made. Industrial sewing machines are designed for multi-shift operation, as they have an oil pan and central lubrication. Many times they operate at speeds reaching up to 5,000 revolutions per minute, which translates into the speed of the entire sewing room. Devices in this category are usually specialized machines, so we encourage you to read detailed product descriptions. High-quality industrial sewing machines with varied specifications are suitable for a variety of jobs, and their multiplicity means that everyone will find a model for themselves.

In mass production it is not only the speed of work that counts, but also precision - the industrial sewing machines we offer sew with an accuracy of up to 0.1 mm, which translates into a very high quality of the product created with their help. Also very important is the comfort of work, which is determined, among others, by a number of automatic functions, such as needle positioning or thread cutting. Industrial sewing machines available in our offer also include an eye-friendly LCD display and a built-in talking module, which informs the user about the next steps. What's more, the ability to select numerous programs makes it possible to create a variety of stitches. These and many other features of the devices make the proposed industrial sewing machines an excellent choice - not only for professionals, but also for sewing amateurs.