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5. Order Confirmation

5 . 1. Each order placed in the Online Store must be confirmed by the Buyer-Buyer.
5.2. Confirmation of the order is made by the store employee within 24 working hours of placing the order by phone or e-mail.
5.3. If it is not possible to confirm the order due to the fault of the Buyer (e.g. incorrectly provided telephone number) within 5 working days, the order will be canceled and the information removed from the database.
5.4. Placing an order by the Buyer is tantamount to authorizing him to issue an invoice without the need to obtain his signature.
5.5. Upon confirmation of the order, a sales contract is concluded between the Online Store "" and the Buyer.

6. Payment Methods

6.1. Payment for the goods is made:

  • cash on delivery (to the courier upon receipt of the parcel),
  • by bank transfer to the Seller's account before delivery (Wiking Serwis issues a pro-forma invoice, on the basis of which the Buyer makes the payment),
  • purchase in installments through Santander Bank
  • online transfer using the PayU module
  • by credit card using the PayU module

6.2. As soon as the payment is credited to the account of Wiking Serwis, the goods are sent together with proof of purchase (receipt or VAT invoice).

7. Completion Date

7 . 1. The delivery time depends on the availability of the product in our warehouse or in the manufacturer's warehouse.
7.2. The delivery time is the time that elapses from the moment of accepting the order to the moment of sending the package. In the case of payment by bank transfer before delivery, the processing time is 7 working days, in the case of cash on delivery the processing time is 2 working days.

7.3. In the case of orders for currently unavailable goods, the delivery time may be extended up to several dozen days, but the Buyer will be informed about it at the time of order confirmation.
7.4. An order consisting of several items is processed after completing the entire shipment.

8. Delivery of Products

8.1. Delivery of products ordered in the Online Store "" is carried out throughout the country and within the European Union.
8.2. The cost of delivery is borne by the Buyer. The cost of delivery is added to the price of the goods given in the Online Store.

Attention! The purchase price generated by the online store does not include transport costs.

8.3. The delivery time of the shipment is 3 working days.

8.4. The buyer is informed about the exact date (day, etc.) of delivery of the shipment (goods) by phone or e-mail at the time of shipment of the goods from our warehouse.

8.5. The receipt of the parcel from the courier company must be confirmed in writing by the Buyer. At the moment of receipt, the ownership of the goods and all risks related to possession and use, in particular the risk of loss or damage, are transferred to the Buyer.

8.6. When collecting the subject of the order, the buyer is obliged to check whether the shipment has no mechanical damage, whether it is complete, and whether it is in accordance with the order. In the event of damage or deficiencies, the condition for considering the complaint is to make an appropriate annotation on the original and a copy of the bill of lading, and confirm it by the courier delivering the shipment.

9. Complaints and Guarantees

9.1. All products available in the Online Store "" are brand new and have a manufacturer's warranty. The warranty period and its conditions are specified in the Warranty Card.
9.2. Any technical problems are solved by authorized service centers in Poland, whose addresses are in the warranty card or the manufacturer's or importer's website.
9.3. Any damage to the shipment caused during delivery should be immediately reported to the courier upon delivery, described on the waybills and contacted by the traders of the "" Online Store.
9.4. The basis for considering the complaint is the presentation of the bill of lading with annotations about the damage found, with confirmation of these annotations by the courier.

10. Returns

10.1. In accordance with the Act of March 2, 2000 on the protection of certain consumer rights and liability for damage caused by a dangerous product (Journal of Laws of 2000 No. 22, item 271) The customer may resign from the goods purchased in our store without giving a reason within 14 days from the date of receipt of the shipment.