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NEW! Brother V3LE embroidery machine - a device fulfilling your dreams and your expectations.

Innov-is V3 LE is a high-class embroidery machine with a very large embroidery area of 300 x 200 mm. A very large 7 inch touch screen allows you to conveniently control the machine and precisely use the built-in program for editing embroidery patterns (rotations, mirror images, enlargements, arranging subtitles in many ways and many more). The maximum embroidery speed is 1050 stitches per minute (this is the typical speed of industrial embroidery machines), therefore the performance of this machine is extremely high. It was equipped with 224 embroidery patterns and 17 fonts. New patterns can be uploaded via 2 USB ports . The machine is equipped with numerous functions, including automatic threader, thread cutting function, thread break sensor, etc. NOTE! PED PLUS 2 basic embroidery program for FREE! Its biggest advantage is that you can design embroidery by hand. It has several tools (as in PED 10), with which the user can design, for example, a logo.

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Largest hoop 300 x 200 mm

The large embroidery area is 300 x 200 mm

Large color touch screen

Brother V3 Limited Edition has a 7 inch screen touch screen wide angle of view.

Jump stitch trimming

The Brother V3 Limited Edition embroidery machine cuts the threads connecting e.g. letters or color blocks. You don't have to do it manually!

Laser sight for pattern positioning

The set includes an embroidery foot with a laser sight. It allows for extremely precise positioning of the embroidery on the hoop.

224 embroidery in the set

In the set we have up to 224 thematically different embroideries. Unlimited possibilities. Free your imagination!

17 Embroidery Fonts and Monograms

Comes with 17 multi-dimensional editable embroidery fonts. Create and embroider lettering and monograms.

Upper and bobbin break sensor

The Brother V3 Limited Edition embroidery machine has a break sensor of the bobbin and upper thread. Alerts you when the bobbin thread count is low or the thread breaks.

Automatic thread cutting

The sewing machine has automatic thread cutting . Just press a button and the threads will be cut automatically. Great working comfort!

One-touch automatic needle threader

The sewing machine has an automatic needle threader that is easy to use. Just press one button and the needle is already threaded.

New generation needle plate

The machine is equipped with a new generation needle plate that eliminates thread tangling.

Robust, durable construction

Machine components and frame made they are made of steel. High, quality!

Internet update

The machine is always up-to-date, is constantly updated by a PC connected by a computer - a computer or a USB key.

High speed work

Industrial embroidery speed, up to 1050 stitches per minute .

2 USB ports

The machine has 2 USB ports , which allows you to connect a mouse or a key USB with update, projects.

Screen lock, screensaver

The Brother V3 Limited Edition embroidery machine has a screen lock option and a screen saver. Nobody will accidentally change your saved settings. Save energy.

Time to embroider each color

On screen we can see the time to embroider each color on an ongoing basis.

Professional LED lighting

The Brother V3 Limited Edition embroidery machine is equipped with the highest quality LED lighting. Energy saving, lifetime guarantee. One-color light similar to natural. It does not cast a shadow and does not tire your eyes!

Separate motor for winding the bobbin

The Brother V3 Limited Edition embroidery machine has a second independent motor for winding the bobbin.

Mirror image of the pattern

Amazing possibilities to create new patterns using the mirroring function. We can use reflection in two planes, i.e. horizontal and vertical. This creates unusual compositions.

Editing each color of the embroidery

We can edit any embroidery color.

Exact rotation of the pattern

Each embroidery can be rotated in increments of 1 degree.

Outline function and check the size of the pattern before embroidering

Helps you to accurately position the pattern on the hoop. The machine will outline the field where it will embroider.

Ability to scale embroidery

On the screen we can change the size of the embroidery. The change can be in the range of -20% to 20% of the original size.

Read multiple pattern formats

The embroidery machine will show embroidery files in many formats third-party on the screen.

Single needle stick function

We can enter embroidery depth into each single needle stick.

Accurate laser embroidery positioning

The Brother V3 Limited Edition embroidery machine has extremely precise positioning of the embroidery on the hoop.

Electronic thread tension

Embroidery machine has an electronic thread tension, controlled by a sensor sensor.

Modern rotary looper - accuracy and comfort

of a very modern rotary looper, the accuracy and precision of the stitches performed is exceptional. The machine works quietly and softly. Incredibly high work culture!

Two hoops included

The set includes two hoops with dimensions: 300x200 mm, 200x200 mm.

Cooperation with the plotter

The embroidery machine works with the plotter ScanNCut model CM900 (and older model CM840).

Can be embroidered with string or tape

The embroidery machine works with accessories that allow you to embroider with string or tape.

Electronic or manual foot lifting

The embroidery machine gives the possibility of lifting the presser foot in manual or electronic mode (switch on with the key)

Soft cover in basic equipment

The basic equipment includes a soft cover that perfectly protects the machine against dust or during transport.

Three years warranty

All components and parts in the machine are covered by a 3-year warranty. We provide a door-to-door service (from door to door).

Standard accessories:

- FLED1 laser pointer embroidery foot ,

- hoop 300 x 200 mm,

- hoop 200 x 200 mm,

- embroidery fleece, 3 sheets (28 cm x 100 cm)

- white bobbin thread 1000 meters

- a set of needles,

- spools, 10 pieces (one in the machine) ,

- spool clips, 10 pieces,

- scissors,

- cleaning brush zenia,

- small and large screwdriver

- disc-shaped screwdriver,

- spool cap small,

- spool cap medium (additional in the machine),

- large spool cap,

- spool net (x 2 pieces),

- touch pen,

- USB cable,

- power cord,

- seam cutter,

- additional pin for a spool,

- cover for accessories,

- cover for embroidery machine,

- spacer for the needle plate,

- insert for a larger diameter spool.

We invite you to purchase needles for sewing various materials, additional spools and machine feet. You can find everything in the category "Accessories"

The description of the above product is copyrighted. Their use requires the permission of the copyright owner. Downloading the contents of the above description without the consent of the company Wiking Poland Ltd. based in Krakow is an act of unfair competition in light of the Act of 16 April 1993. "against unfair competition".

Brother V3 LE
Data sheet
Automatic stop when the bottom bobbin is full
Automatic tensioning of the top thread
Automatic stitch binding
Color Touch Screen
tak-7 cali
Possibility of sewing with a double needle
Vertical mirroring
Horizontal mirroring
Start/stop button
High-quality LED lighting
tak- 2 lampy LED
Automatic needle positioning
Stopping the needle in the Up/Down position
The size of the tambourine
300 X 200 mm
Stitch restart
Patchwork Program
Number of embroidered fonts
Number of embroideries
USB ports
2 porty
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