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Sewing machine BROTHER F410


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BROTHER F410 sewing machine

The F series machines are very easy to use and are distinguished by high quality of sewing. It is the perfect machine for those who have made it through the simple machine stage and want to try a high-end machine now. It is also a very good machine for learning patchwork sewing and quilting. The machine is equipped with SFDS system . This means that the feed teeth of the machine maintain a constant height during movement. The SFDS system is found in most industrial sewing machines and only in some of the best home sewing machines. Large color display, 100 stitches, thread cutting function, needle positioning, lettering and save your own stitch combination . The distance of the needle from the machine body is 19 cm, which gives a large, free and well-lit field of work. The machine is larger than the NV15, NV35 and NV55 series machines, but slightly smaller than the NV1000 series machines. The machine is well balanced, but light enough to be comfortably transported. The NV1000 series machines are larger and heavier, which makes them feel best in their own studio;). The machine warranty is 3 years!

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Wealth of 100 stitches

The machine has 100 stitches, among which are utility stitches, overlock stitches, elastic stitches, blind stitches, darning stitches, cross stitch stitches and decorative stitches. The selection of a specific stitch is done using a keyboard with buttons.

Menu in Polish

The machine is equipped with an LCD screen with a menu in Polish.

Stitch out letters - 4 fonts

The machine is equipped with 4 typefaces of letters. Letters, words and sentences can be embroidered. It contains Polish characters and Cilrytsia.

Adjusting the thread tension

The Brother F410 sewing machine has manual adjustment of the thread tension.

Automatic buttonholes

The Brother F410 sewing machine has a automatic machine for making up to 7 types of buttonholes.

Automatic thread cutting

Sewing machine Brother F410 has a unique, comfortable thread trimming function with the possibility of programming the thread trimming after the stitch is finished.

"Slow motion" function

With this function we can sew difficult and complicated elements more precisely.

19 cm to the right of the needle

Sewing machine Brother F410 has a space of 19 cm to the right of the needle.

Presser foot

Sewing machine Brother F410 has smoothly adjustable presser foot pressure.

Infinitely adjustable length and width stitch

The Brother F410 sewing machine has a smooth width adjustment: up to 7 mm and length: up to 5 mm.

Modern two-point LED lighting

Strong, no shadow effect. Easy on the eyes.


Finish the stitch with thread binding and anti-ripping protection.

Start/stop button

A great feature that allows the machine to run without using the speed controller. Use the START/STOP buttons to start sewing and the limbs.
A clear display shows the number of the selected stitch and its parameters (length, width, foot type and active machine functions)

Snap fastening of the feet

Very convenient attachment of the feet. We can put the footer on and off quickly and easily.

Rotary hook

The machine is equipped with a rotary hook. Thanks to it, the stitches are precise and the machine is quiet.

Fixed backward

The constant reverse sewing function ensures that the stitch is reinforced and prevents it from unraveling.

SFDS system

This system has a great influence on the stitch quality. Thanks to it, the machine maintains a constant stitch density, does not "puff up" the stitch and does not wrinkle the material. The effect of the SFDS system is especially noticeable when sewing thickenings, sewing slippery fabrics and all other difficult materials.

Free arm

It makes sewing round pieces much more convenient.

Double needle sewing

We can sew with a twin needle for interesting compositions.

Automatic needle threader

Built-in automatic needle threader. Works perfectly.

Stitch design function

design your own stitches in the "My custom stitch" directory.

Transport disabled

Allows you to sew with manual material movement. You can embroider and create your own beautiful compositions.

7 point transport engine

Modern multipoint transport engine helps in the correct movement of the material.

Thread knives in the machine housing

Convenient cutter for thread cutter.

850 stitches/minute!

Additional "slider" for adjusting sewing speed. The maximum speed is approximately 850 injections/minute.

W build bobbin

Very fast bobbin changes and refills drum.

Three years warranty

All components and parts in the machine are covered by a 3-year warranty. We provide a door-to-door service (from door to door).

Standard equipment:

- presser foot for zigzag stitch" J "(on the machine)

- foot for monograms "N"

- overlock foot "G"

- foot for sewing in zippers "I"

- foot for blind stitch "R"

- foot for sewing in buttons "M"

- foot for sewing buttonholes "A"

- hard case for the machine (suitcase)

- set of needles

- double needle

- lower spool x 4 pieces (one is in the machine)

- seam knife

- cleaning brush

- punch

- screwdriver

- disk-shaped screwdriver

- additional spool pin

- large spool cap

- medium spool cap x 2 pieces (one is in the machine)

- spool cap small

- spool insert

- spool net

- spool (in the machine

-foot controller

-accessory bag


-power cable

The description of the above product is copyrighted. Their use requires the permission of the copyright owner. Downloading the contents of the above description without the consent of the company Wiking Poland Ltd. based in Krakow is an act of unfair competition in light of the Act of 16 April 1993. "against unfair competition".

Data sheet
Automatic hole punching
tak-7 rodzajów dziurek
Automatic needle threader
Automatic thread trimming
Automatic stitch binding
Continuous backstitching
Additional sewing speed adjustment
slider na obudowie
Foot press function
Number of stitch programs
Metal components
Ability to lower the teeth
Cased knives
Start/stop button
Stitch length adjustment
tak- do 5 mm
Stitch width adjustment
tak-do 7 mm
Gripper type
Decorative stitches
Covered lining stitches
Overlock stitches
Bottom tooth transport
7-punktowy mechanizm transportu
Free arm
High-quality LED lighting
Sewing speed
850 wkłuć/min
Embroidering letters, words,sentences in upper and lower case letters
tak-4 rodzajów czcionek
Slow Motion Function
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