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Sewing machine JANOME MEMORY CRAFT 6700P JANOME Electronic machines Wiking Polska - 5
Sewing machine JANOME MEMORY CRAFT 6700P JANOME Electronic machines Wiking Polska - 1
Sewing machine JANOME MEMORY CRAFT 6700P JANOME Electronic machines Wiking Polska - 2
Sewing machine JANOME MEMORY CRAFT 6700P JANOME Electronic machines Wiking Polska - 3
Sewing machine JANOME MEMORY CRAFT 6700P JANOME Electronic machines Wiking Polska - 4
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Sewing machine JANOME MEMORY CRAFT 6700P JANOME Electronic machines Wiking Polska - 5
Sewing machine JANOME MEMORY CRAFT 6700P JANOME Electronic machines Wiking Polska - 1
Sewing machine JANOME MEMORY CRAFT 6700P JANOME Electronic machines Wiking Polska - 2
Sewing machine JANOME MEMORY CRAFT 6700P JANOME Electronic machines Wiking Polska - 3
Sewing machine JANOME MEMORY CRAFT 6700P JANOME Electronic machines Wiking Polska - 4

Sewing machine JANOME MEMORY CRAFT 6700P


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JANOME Memory Craft 6700P sewing machine - Professional, fast, comfortable! Find out about its strengths.

The JANOME Memory Craft 6700P sewing machine has an integrated upper transport fabric AcuFeed ™ which prevents the fabric from puckering and pulling off while sewing. The machine has a number of functions that facilitate the work and shorten the working time: automatic stitch locking, needle positioning or thread trimming. The machine also offers the possibility of connecting knee lifter. The model offers 649 stitches, among which we can find all the necessary utility and decorative stitches, numbers and Polish letters. It is worth noting that the maximum stitch width is 9 mm. The machine, despite the high speed of 1200 punctures / min , is very stable. The space on the right side of the needle is also comfortably large, as much as 25 cm.

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Sewing machine JANOME MEMORY CRAFT 6700P

Sewing machine JANOME MEMORY CRAFT 6700P

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Second additional top material conveyor in the system AcuFeed ™

The AcuFeed ™ double transport system and the SFS + 7 point transport mechanism ensure perfect sewing of all types of fabrics from thin and slippery to thick and hard. The additional upper transport is synchronized with the lower transport, so the fabric feeds smoothly. So there are no annoying pulling or puckering when sewing Lycra pants or silk blouses - sewing is a pleasure!

649 programs to choose from Stitching

The machine has 649 stitches, including utility stitches: overlock, elastic, covered, darning, quilting. We can also choose decorative stitches, ladder stitches, bridge stitches and the alphabet.

High Speed

Janome Memory Craft works with speed up to 1200 stitches/min.

Readable LCD touch screen

The machine has a clear LCD screen informing about the selected stitch, its parameters and the presser foot used.

START/STOP function

A function that allows the machine to run without using the speed controller. Use the Start/Stop buttons to start sewing and the limbs.

Automatic thread cutting

The sewing machine has an automatic thread trimming function with the function of programming the trimming at the end of the stitch. Just press a button and the threads will be cut automatically. Great comfort of work!

Large space on the right side of the needle

On the right side of the needle there is a 250 mm space . Convenience when sewing large areas or quilting.

Knee lever

You raise the presser foot with the knee lever. You touch your knee and the sewing machine stops sewing, raises the presser foot and cuts the threads! All in one move.

2 alphabets available (including Polish fonts)

The machine has 2 alphabets. So we can embroider letters, words, whole sentences. We personalize our works, sign children's things. We write letters to memory creating strings.

Automatic footer lifting

The machine automatically raises the presser foot when it stops with the option to position the needle into the fabric.

Automatic stitch binding

The machine will automatically knot and secure the stitch against unraveling.

"Slow-Motion" function

When this function is turned on, the machine starts and finishes stitches very slowly. Great feature for difficult projects.

6 LED lighting

The machine is equipped with LED lighting. Energy saving, lifetime warranty. One-color light similar to natural. It does not cast a shadow and does not tire your eyes!

Needle positioning

The needle positioning is a handy function that allows you to sew accurately in difficult places. Especially useful when sewing in zippers or binding with tape.

Automatic buttonholes

The Janome 6700P sewing machine has automatic machine for making 10 variants of a buttonhole to the size of a button. The effect is perfect and each subsequent buttonhole is perfectly repeatable.

FIX function

The FIX function automatically ties the threads at the end of a stitch and prevents unraveling. You only need to turn it on with the button. The activated function remembers to tie the threads.

Sew backwards

The machine has a continuous sewing reverse function.

STOP function

We can stop the machine at any time.

Positioning the needle UP/DOWN

Button for selecting the needle stop position up/down. A very convenient function that allows you to continue sewing after reaching a corner, for example. We stop the needle inserted into the fabric. We turn the fabric and continue sewing in the other direction.

Mirror the pattern vertically/horizontally

Incredible possibilities to create new patterns using the vertical and horizontal mirroring function. Unique compositions are created. The restriction is just our fantasy.

Sensor Straight Stitch Needle Plate

The ideal aid for straight stitching with any presser foot. If you accidentally select a stitch other than the straight one, the machine won't sew, you won't break the needle!

Adjusting the stitch length and width

Smooth adjustment of stitch length and width. The maximum stitch width is 9 mm, length up to 5 mm.

Full needle puncture force

The electronically controlled speed controller guarantees a constant and full needle puncture force regardless of the speed at which we sew.

Adjustable foot pressure

Very convenient foot pressure function in the range of 0-3.

Extra adjustment of sewing speed

Extra adjustment of zipper sewing speed on the touch screen of the machine. Accurate control of the sewing speed of the machine.

Modern rotary looper - accuracy and comfort

Thanks to the use of a very modern rotary looper, the accuracy and precision of stitches is exceptional. The machine works quietly and softly. Incredibly high work culture!

Solid, durable construction weighs up to 11.5 kg!

The components and frame of the machine are made of steel. Very high quality!

Automatic threader needles

The sewing machine has an automatic needle threader that is easy to use and has a soft, comfortable feel. Much needed, after all, you don't have to reach for your glasses!

Automatic STOP when the bobbin is full

The machine stops automatically when the bobbin is full.

Accessory table included in basic equipment

The basic equipment includes a table that increases the comfort of work.

Double needle sewing

We can use a twin needle with a different spacing of 2.5 - 6.0 mm for sewing. This way we will obtain a straight two needle stitch. The machine also has a protection against inserting a wrong twin needle.

Free arm

Thanks to the narrow (free) arm, we can easily repair narrow elements of clothing: a sleeve, trouser leg or elements of children's clothing.

Large space under the foot

The large space under the presser foot allows you to sew thicker fabrics. We have no problem with sewing multiple layers. It is very convenient. It's also easier to sew leather or denim.

Snap-on feet

Allows for easy replacement of feet. Press the button, the foot falls onto the fabric. Then place a new one and lower the presser foot lever. The presser foot is automatically "clicked" and ready to use.

Convenient 3 thread trimmers

There are 3 thread cutters in the housing. We don't need to use scissors.

Free-motion sewing

Various modes for freeform quilting, thread painting or darning. Choose the best mode for your specific technique. The feed cloves will drop off automatically when you select your preferred method.

Six-year warranty

All components and parts in the machine are covered by a 6-year warranty. We provide a door-to-door service (from door to door). Read the warranty conditions & gt; & gt; & gt; & gt;

Standard equipment of the machine:

Standard upper feed foot

Appliqué and decorative stitch foot

Buttonhole foot

Quilting, embroidery and darning foot

3mm hemming foot

Button foot

Decorative stitch foot

Blind stitch foot

Overlock foot

Zipper foot

Hemmed foot

Universal foot

Straight foot for for use with special needle plate (HP)

Quilting foot with interchangeable ends: open, closed and zigzag quilting

Interchangeable straight stitch plate with left, center and right needle position

Replaceable straight stitch plate with left needle position (HP)

Edge guide

Spools (5 pcs)

Needles (2x75 Blue Tip, 1x90 Purple Tip, 1x90 Red Tip, 1x twin needle)

Button sewing plate

Spool lock (2x small, 2x large, 2x special)

Stand for spool (2)

Spool securing net (2)


Cleaning brush


Table enlarging the working area

Knee lifter

Accessories box

Stitch list plate

Soft cover

Foot controller with cable

We invite you to purchase needles for sewing various materials, additional spools and feet to the machine. You can find everything in the category "Accessories"

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Data sheet

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Automatic needle threader
Automatic thread trimming
Automatic stitch binding
Additional table
Knee lever
Foot press function
Number of needle positions
płynna regulacja
Soft cover
Possibility of sewing with a double needle
Cased knives
LED lighting
Accessory bin
Button sewing program
Stitch width adjustment
Gripper type
Decorative stitches
Covered lining stitches
Overlock stitches
Stitches for elastic materials
Free arm
Sewing without speed controller
Top-end material handling
Sewing speed
860 wkłuć/min
Automatic needle positioning
Embroidery field
nie dotyczy
Number of stitches
Automatic hole punching

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