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Sewing machine Janome J15R


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The JANOME Juno J15R sewing machine

has a set of the 15 most necessary stitch programs, which are enough to perform home repairs, alterations, and also allow you to carry out your first own projects. It has a rotary hook! As one of the few machines, it was equipped with the so-called safety foot (needle cover) that protects your fingers while sewing. Thanks to this, the J15R machine can be used by people starting their adventure with sewing, including teenagers and children.

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Choice from 15 stitches

In the set of stitches we have 15 selected and extremely useful utility stitches. We have overlock stitches available for joining or finishing materials. We will also find blind stitches, thanks to which we can sew or fold the fabric in a way that is invisible from the right side (no threads are visible).

Rotary hook

The Juno J15R has a rotary looper, unique in this price range!

Half -automatic buttonholes

The buttonhole is performed in a semi-automatic system.

Needle cover

The Juno J15R sewing machine is equipped with a plastic needle cover to protect your face and eyes from accidental splintering of a broken needle.

LED lighting

The machine is equipped with LED lighting LED. It does not cast a shadow and is very similar to natural light. It doesn't tire your eyes!

Adjustable presser foot pressure

presser foot pressure adjustment, it is easy to sew thin and thick fabrics. We increase the pressure for fabrics such as silk, jersey and then the material is more precisely moved through the teeth. Presser foot pressure is a feature of more expensive machine models!

Double needle sewing

We can use a twin needle with various spacings of 2.5 mm, 4.0 mm, and 6.0 mm for sewing. This will create a two needle straight stitch.

Free arm

Thanks to the narrow arm, we can easily repair narrow elements of clothing: a sleeve or a trouser leg, or elements of children's clothing.

Smooth adjustment of zigzag width and stitch length

The machine has smooth adjustment of the zigzag width up to 5 mm, and the stitch length up to 4 mm.

Ample space under the presser foot

Ample space under the presser foot for sewing thick and heavy fabrics. It is also very convenient. There is no problem with sewing multiple layers of fabric. It's also easier to sew leather or denim.

Snap-on feet

Allows for easy replacement of feet. Press the button, the foot falls onto the fabric. Then place a new one and lower the presser foot lever. The footer will be automatically "snapped in" and the footer is ready to use.

Clippers can be turned off

You can disable the cloves by attaching a special plate from the accessories to sew with other techniques. Especially useful for hand-guided embroidery.

Sew backwards

The machine has a reverse sewing function. At the beginning and end of a stitch, we press reverse for a few seconds and tie the stitch to prevent it from being unraveled.

Simple stitch selection

Quick and easy selection of 15 stitches with a single selector dial. We have the most useful utility stitches at our disposal.

Special fabric carrier

Special 3-point material transport mechanism.

Standard equipment as per manual.

We invite you to purchase needles for sewing various materials, additional spools and machine feet. You can find everything in the category "Accessories"

The description of the above product is copyrighted. Their use requires the permission of the copyright owner. Downloading the contents of the above description without the consent of the company Wiking Poland Ltd. based in Krakow is an act of unfair competition in light of the Act of 16 April 1993. "against unfair competition".

Data sheet
Automatyczne obszywanie dziurki
Ciągłe szycie wstecz
Liczba programów ściegowych
Metalowe podzespoły
Możliwość opuszczenia ząbków
nie-płytka wyłączjąca ząbki w wyposażeniu
Oświetlenie LED
Regulacja długości ściegów
tak- do 4 mm
Regulacja szerokości ściegu
regulacja zygzaka do 5 mm
Rodzaj chwytacza
Ściegi do podszywania krytego
Ściegi owerlokowe
Transport dolny ząbkowy
3-punktowy mechanizm transportu
Wolne ramię
Prędkość szycia
860 wkłuć/min
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