Do you want to achieve a master level in sewing, quilting and embroidery? Get to know the BERNINA B 790 PRO - a sewing and embroidery machine that enriches these arts with new functions and the latest "stitchprecision 2" perfect stitch technology. Thanks to its speed of operation, precision becomes your best friend. Get to know this tool better and get ready for a revolution in the world of tailoring!

The art of sewing, quilting and embroidery at a higher level

Every sewing and embroidery enthusiast knows that precision is the key to perfect results. The introduction of stitchprecision 2 technology in the BERNINA B 790 PRO machine allows even greater control over each stitch, eliminating the possibility of errors. Moreover, thanks to this modern solution, embroidery becomes up to 33% faster! The quieter operation of the sewing machine makes work more pleasant and the results achieve perfect quality.

Fancy a creative explosion? BERNINA B790 PRO allows you to create your own quilting patterns and edit existing stitch patterns. With customizable quilting patterns and a stitch creator, you can add your own personal touch to any project. Draw your ideas directly on the touch screen and the machine will turn them into professional designs. Create, experiment and save your unique creations that will expand your library of stitches and quilting patterns

Modern amenities for comfortable sewing

One of the most delightful aspects of the technologies used in the B 790 PRO sewing and embroidery machine is the precise BERNINA Laser. This unique mechanism shows every needle insertion in the embroidery in real time. Thanks to this, you can see exactly where sewing or embroidery will begin, which is an invaluable advantage when making complex patterns.

Additionally, the electronic and fully automatic needle threader makes the speed of changing the thread color in the embroidery comfortable and easy. Just press a button and your sewing or embroidery machine will do it for you. The mechanism saves time and avoids the frustration associated with traditional needle threading.

Thanks to the large touch screen (diagonal up to 18 cm) and high resolution, the embroidery machine offers easy navigation with large symbols, which makes operation extremely intuitive and pleasant. The additional function of aligning designs vertically and horizontally allows for very accurate alignment and placement of embroidery exactly where you want it. You can also use multi-line subtitles and text alignment to personalize the layout of your designs.

Technology that changes the embroidery experience

Have you ever started a project but then were discouraged from sewing by having trouble placing the pattern on the fabric correctly? BERNINA B 790 PRO solves this problem thanks to a new, extremely precise 4-point system for positioning the pattern on the material. Now you can precisely define these few points on the fabric in the hoop and place the design so that it exactly fits the working area. The ability to transform it to fit in an embroidery hoop further increases design safety.

To make work even easier, the BERNINA B 790 PRO embroidery machine is equipped with built-in Wi-Fi, which allows you to transfer designs from BERNINA Embroidery Software 9 directly to the machine or vice versa. And thanks to the BERNINA Stitchout app, you can remotely monitor your embroidery on your smartphone. In-app notifications and real-time status updates make embroidery even more convenient and flexible.

If you want to raise your skills to a higher level, the BERNINA B 790 PRO sewing machine - embroidery machine is the answer to your needs. Let yourself be carried away by innovative solutions and master sewing!