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Pfaff Ambition 630 sewing machine - the answer to the needs of demanding users. A Mercedes among machines.

The Pfaff Ambition 630 sewing machine has 201 different stitches and different speeds with a zipper. The innovations used in it include the IDT system and a color touch screen. The electronic machine has the ability to sew without a foot controller. To the delight of many people it has been enriched with three-stage LED lighting to prevent eye fatigue . High-quality equipment offers not only utility stitches, but also many other types. The Pfaff Ambition 630 sewing machine allows you to process large-area fabrics as it has free space on the right side of the needle. It comes with a five-year warranty.

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Second additional IDT top material conveyor

IDT double transport system ensures perfect sewing of all types of fabrics from thin and slippery to thick and hard. The additional upper transport is synchronized with the lower transport, so the fabric feeds smoothly. So there is no annoying tightening or creasing when sewing Lycra pants or silk blouses - sewing is a pleasure!

Selectable 201 programs stitch

The machine is equipped with 201 stitches, including utility stitches: overlock, elastic, covered , darning, quilting. We can also use beautiful satin and embroidery stitches up to 7 mm wide.

Color touch screen

The machine has a color touch screen in high resolution and 95x54 mm.

Simple stitch selection

Quick and easy selection of 201 stitches with a touch of the screen. We offer utility stitches and beautiful decorative stitches.

START/STOP function

Function that allows the machine to run without using the foot controller. Use the Start/Stop buttons to start sewing the limbs.

Automatic thread cutting

The sewing machine has automatic thread cutting . Just press a button and the threads will be cut automatically. Great comfort of work!

Electronic thread tension adjustment

Machine The Pfaff Ambition 630 has a convenient, automatic adjustment of the thread tension.

Large space on the right side of the needle

To the right of the needle we have 200mm of space . Convenience when sewing large areas or quilting.

2 alphabets available

The machine is equipped with 2 alphabets . So we can embroider letters , words, whole sentences. We personalize our works, sign children's things. We write letters to memory creating strings.

LED lighting

The machine is equipped with LED lighting. Energy saving, lifetime guarantee. One-color light similar to natural. It does not cast a shadow and does not tire your eyes!

Sequencing Function

The machine can save 60 stitches and letters of the alphabet in the memory to many repetitions of the composition.

Needle positioning

Needle positioning is a handy feature that allows for accurate sewing in difficult places. Especially useful when sewing in zippers or binding with tape. We have 29 needle positions.

Automatic buttonholes

The Pfaff Ambition 630 sewing machine has an automatic machine for making 7 variants of buttonholes. Thanks to the "Sensormatic" foot, the machine will sew the buttonhole without twisting the fabric. The effect is perfect and each subsequent buttonhole is perfectly repeatable.

FIX function

The FIX function automatically ties the threads at the end of the stitch and prevents unraveling. You only need to turn it on with the button. The activated function remembers to tie the threads.

Sew backwards

The machine has a continuous reverse sewing function.

STOP function

We can stop the machine at any time.

Positioning the needle UP/DOWN

Button for selecting the needle stop position up/down. A very convenient function that allows you to continue sewing after reaching a corner, for example. We stop the needle inserted into the fabric. We turn the fabric and continue sewing in the other direction.

Mirror the pattern vertically/horizontally

Incredible possibilities to create new patterns using the vertical and horizontal mirroring function. Unique compositions are created. The limitation is just our fantasy.

Extend stitch function

We can lengthen the beautiful satin stitches while maintaining their density.

Stitch length and width adjustment

Smooth adjustment of stitch length and width. The maximum stitch width is 7mm.

Full needle puncture

The electronically controlled speed controller guarantees a constant and full needle puncture force regardless of the speed at which we sew.

Bobbin filling by needle

A very convenient feature to fill the bobbin directly through the needle.

Extra adjustment of sewing speed

Extra adjustment of zipper sewing speed on the front cover. Accurate control of the sewing speed of the machine.

Modern rotary looper - accuracy and comfort

Thanks to the use of a very modern rotary looper , the accuracy and precision of the stitches performed is exceptional. The machine works quietly and softly. Incredibly high work culture!

Solid, durable design

The components and the frame of the machine are made of steel. High quality!

Automatic needle threader

Sewing machine has an automatic needle threader that is easy to use and soft and comfortable. Very needed, after all, you don't have to reach for the glasses!
Automatic STOP when the bobbin is full
The machine stops automatically when the bobbin is full.

Hard suitcase included in the basic equipment

The basic equipment includes a hard suitcase that perfectly protects the machine against dust or during transport.

Adjustable presser foot pressure

Thanks to the smooth adjustment of the presser foot pressure, it is easy to sew thin and thick.

Double needle sewing

We can use it for sewing twin needle with different spacing 2.5 - 6.0 mm. This way we will obtain a straight two needle stitch. The machine also has a protection against inserting a wrong twin needle.

Free arm

Thanks to the narrow (free) arm, we can easily repair narrow elements of clothing: a sleeve, trouser leg or elements of children's clothing.

Large space under the foot

The large space under the presser foot allows you to sew thicker fabrics. We have no problem with sewing multiple layers. It is very convenient. It's also easier to sew leather or denim.

Snap-on feet

Allows for easy replacement of feet. Press the button, the foot falls onto the fabric. Then place a new one and lower the presser foot lever. This will automatically "latch " and the presser foot is ready to use.

Convenient thread cutter

There is a thread cutter in the housing. We don't need to use scissors.

Can disable cloves

You can turn off (lower) the cloves to sew with other techniques. Especially useful for embroidering or quilting with manual fabric guidance.

Simple stitch selection

Quick and easy selection of 201 stitches with buttons. We have utility stitches and beautiful decorative stitches.

Five-year warranty

All components and parts in the machine are covered by a 5-year warranty. We provide a door-to-door service (from door to door).

Standard Equipment machines:

- universal foot (IDT)

- decorative stitch foot (IDT)

- foot for decorative stitches

- foot for blind and overlock stitch (IDT)

- foot for sewing zippers (IDT)

- foot for automatic buttonholes

- 1/4 '' IDT quilting foot

- edge guide

- felt pad x 2

- spool net

-screwdriver x 2

-spool lock (small, large)

-set of needles x 1 set

-spools x 5 pcs .

- additional vertical spool pin

- ripper

- cleaning brush

- suitcase

- foot control

- manual PL

We invite you to purchase needles for sewing various fabrics, additional spools and machine feet. You can find everything in the category "Accessories"

IDT System - Integrated Upper Transport

The description of the above product is copyrighted. Their use requires the permission of the copyright owner. Downloading the contents of the above description without the consent of the company Wiking Poland Ltd. based in Krakow is an act of unfair competition in light of the Act of 16 April 1993. "against unfair competition".

Data sheet
Automatic hole punching
tak-w systemie Sensormatic
Automatic needle threader
Automatic thread trimming
Automatic tensioning of the top thread
Automatic stitch binding
Continuous backstitching
Additional space under the footer
Additional sewing speed adjustment
tak - slider na obudowie
Large workspace
tak - 200 mm po prawej stronie igły
Electronic starter
Foot press function
Color Touch Screen
Number of stitch programs
Number of memory levels
tak-zachowuje do 60 ściegów w pamięci
Number of needle positions
Ability to lower the teeth
Possibility of sewing with a double needle
Cased knives
Vertical mirroring
Horizontal mirroring
Accessory bin
Start/stop button
tak-praca bez regulatora obrotów
Programmable fonts
tak - 2 ( małe i duże litery)
Stitch length adjustment
Stitch width adjustment
Gripper type
tak- rotacyjny - Proof Rotary Hook
Quilting stitches
Decorative stitches
Covered lining stitches
Overlock stitches
Stitches for elastic materials
Hard case
High-quality LED lighting
Top-end material handling
tak - Górny transport zapewnia perfekcyjne szycie wszystkich typów materiałów od trudnych i śliskich do grubych i twardych.
Stopping the needle in the Up/Down position
Stitch lengthening function
tak-wydłużenie bez zmiany gęstości
Linear gauge in cm on the housing
Info button under one key
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